Accounts Receivable Financing

If you have invoices out, you can get cash in quickly with Accounts Receivable financing. Once you are approved for the program here’s how it works:

  • Simply send Cash Flow a copy of your invoices and, if you qualify, we’ll advance you cash (80%-90%), usually within 24 hours.
  • Our team will manage the process and provide daily reporting of invoices funded and payments received.
  • Once payment is received in our lockbox, the reserve amount is released back to you on a regularly scheduled basis, less any accrued fees.

The benefits of Accounts Receivable Financing include:

  • Quick access to cash, even if your financial statements don’t meet bank requirements.
  • Flexible amounts — no need to finance all your invoices.
  • No need to give up equity in your company.
  • Less restrictive and expensive than factoring or equity financing.

Get started today and start focusing on your business instead of your cash flow.

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