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In operation since 1995, Cash Flow is a division of Chesapeake Bank, a Virginia-based community bank that was founded in 1900. Chesapeake Bank founded Cash Flow to bring businesses the access they need to cash in order to thrive and grow. Cash Flow is based in Gloucester, Virginia, but we serve clients across the country.

Over the years, Cash Flow has earned a reputation for outstanding service that helps our clients succeed, not only with their financing but in their day-to-day interactions with us. Here, you’re not working with a faceless entity. Instead, you’ll be working with your own team of service-driven professionals who know you and your situation. Each person working on your account has years of experience, hands-on knowledge, and a can-do approach.

Cash Flow is a member of the International Factoring Association and through our association with Chesapeake Bank, we are FDIC-insured. We’re run by a team of highly dedicated, highly experienced professionals. Learn more about our leadership.

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